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Making stall cleaning easy, fast and thorough

The Poop Shaker makes cleaning horse stalls easy, fast and thorough.It works with most premium pine, cedar or pelletized bedding.


Home of the original Poop Shaker (tm)

Are you still sifting your bedding using a plastic fork?

Do your horses grind their poop into the bedding?

Are you tired of spending the entire day cleaning your horse�s stalls?

Do you stress over getting every little bit of poop out of the bedding?

If you said yes to any of these questions then you need the Poop Shaker�!

At Long Meadow Farm we got really tired of spending most of the day cleaning our horse stalls. But, we still wanted the stalls to be super clean to keep the bugs down.Using a plastic fork just wasn't cutting it.That�s why we invented the Poop Shaker�.

The Poop Shaker�is a novel way to quickly clean a stall by removing virtually all the manure while also aerating and fluffing up the bedding.�� You can use the Poop Shaker with any premium pine or pelletized bedding.And, it is super easy to use:

1. First you will want to find and manually remove the pee spot, this opens up a clean area for the Poop Shaker� too.

2. Next, for convenience pile up all the remaining bedding including the poop in one or two big mounds.

3. Now roll in the Poop Shaker�(unlike the competition, its on wheels), place a bucket at the business end!

4. Start it up andshovel the bedding onto the large mesh surface.Go ahead and use your plastic fork for this part, the shaker does the hard work!

5. Once all the bedding goes through the shaker, you end up with a pile of clean bedding under the shaker and a pile of poop in the bucket.

6. Remove the bucket!

7. Spread out the clean bedding�its that fast and easy.

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Please feel free to contact us for the Poop Shaker or any other stall cleaning questions:

Phone: 609-410-5113

Fax: 856-435-4004

E-mail: neilrlw@comcast.net

Now available with both front and rear wheels for added maneuverability.Also with adjustable tray elevation.


The Poop Shaker� isavailable as a completely fabricated unit or you can build your own from the detailed plans and material list we provide.We built it ourselves from readily available materials.In fact, the components can be sourced from your local hardware store or online suppliers such as McMasterCarr, Grainger or Harbor Freight.

LMF offers a full one year warranty on the Poop Shaker�.Our competitor will give you 90 days!!What happens on day 91?We�ll still be there.In fact, we�ll fix their units too!